Green power is a must

Join the Power Up campaign – Africa’s call for climate adaptation funding to boost energy access

The Power Up coalition is urging global funders to increase investment in climate adaptation, and to recognise that universal access to clean, affordable energy is essential to preparing communities for the challenges ahead. Power Up is also boosting effective national policies linking improved energy access and climate adaptation.

From rural villages to refugee camps, off-grid energy boosts resilience and sustainable growth in communities most at risk from climate change – protecting food supplies, strengthening healthcare, and safeguarding economies.

Over 75 organisations in Africa and beyond – from global networks to frontline businesses and NGOs – are already backing Power Up, helping the campaign reach key decision makers through online and media messaging, and at global climate summits. Join them to amplify the call, and accelerate the spread of clean, affordable energy where it’s needed most.

World leaders can deliver climate justice and change the course of history with investment in affordable, sustainable energy

Dr Sheila OparaochaDirector, Energia Network