Power Up is a coalition campaign amplifying African voices as they call for climate adaptation funding to support wider access to affordable, clean energy.

We share inspiration and resources with policymakers and others driving progress on the issue, working to impact the COP/UNFCCC process that dictates global climate funding.

The campaign calls for wealthy nations to greatly increase climate adaptation funding, and to ensure a significant share of this funding supports access to green, affordable energy for people facing climate catastrophe.

Initially, our campaign is focused on inspiring and empowering leaders and communities in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Rwanda – countries with the potential to be trailblazers in accelerating energy access.

See the organisations in our coalition – or find out how you can join or support the campaign.

Green, affordable energy can bring strength and hope to all communities. Power Up is a worthy call for climate justice.

The Most Rev. Dr. Jackson Nasoore Ole SapitArchbishop of Kenya