About 600 million African people go without access to electricity, and 900 million are put in danger by polluting stoves and cooking fires.

The UNFCCC process and annual COP climate summits – the global mechanism for responding to climate change – offer unique opportunities to power up green, affordable energy across Africa.

Energy poverty has a devastating impact on marginalised groups including women, young people, refugees, and those in rural communities. Crucially, it stops Africa’s most vulnerable people and communities adapting to the growing dangers created by climate change.

At COP28 the Power Up campaign will be calling for wealthy nations to greatly increase climate adaptation funding through the UNFCCC process, and to ensure a significant share of this funding supports access to green, affordable energy for people facing climate catastrophe.

For too long, global climate agreements have been dominated by the concerns of wealthy nations.


The Power Up campaign is supporting this call, uniting and amplifying African voices seeking radical change.

This would spark economic growth, provide opportunities for marginalised groups, and create more resilient communities better prepared for climate change – through improved agriculture, sustainable cooling for food and medicine, and many more benefits.

Powerful data

See the numbers highlighting the need for action.

Powerful stories

Success stories show the huge potential of investment in energy access.

How COP can supercharge energy access

See the business case for using COP  adaptation funding to widen access to clean, affordable energy – and the steps need to create change.

Use your power

Policymakers, businesses, non-profits, campaigners and others can use their power to drive action at COP at beyond.