Power Up at COP27

“Our Panelist at COP27. The panel made a brilliant case for energy access as an important adaptation tool and for more innovative climate funding to flow through, for instance, in the form of AfDB’s adaptation credit mechanism, that allows credits to be bought and surrendered as a contribution to adaptation needs for smaller businesses, particularly women and youth driven.”

From left to right:
Harriet Lamb, Ashden | Innocent Tshilombo, Kakuma Ventures | Eugene Nforngwa, PACJA | Gareth Phillips, AfDB | Patrick Tonui, GOGLA
From left to right:
Innocent Tshilombo, Kakuma Ventures | Nashwa Naushad, Ashden | Michael Nkonu, Open Society Foundations | Harriet Lamb, Ashden | Giles Bristow, Ashden.
From left to right:
Giles Bristow, Ashden, and Patrick Tonui, GOGLA, taking some time off from the robust and fruitful discussing at COP27 to smash a Power Up pose!

“‘How do we put women at the centre of climate solutions, including of course that women are able to provide access to energy’”

Harriet LambAshden

“My hope for COP28 is that we get that exclusivity to have more displaced people working on energy access to have a seat at the discussion table.”

Innocent TshilomboAshden award winner and Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kakuma Ventures

“We need innovative financing that can sustain energy access projects of green communities.”

Julius MujuniCountry Director, New Energy, Nexus, Uganda

“If you provide access to energy for communities then those communities are able to power their livelihoods, do the things they want and able to support their adaptation and resilient effort.”

Michael NkonuOpen Society Foundations

“We here talking about #PowerUP which Ashton along with 49 other stakeholders in the energy access sector have launched, to demand that energy access be placed at the heart of the climate change discussion, It is particularly important for the youth to lead because energy access has the potential to create millions of that are for the youth and empower the youth.”

Nashwa NaushadProgramme Officer, Ashden

“Looking at the people that are affected by climate change, we ask ourselves what does it mean to be resilient, we talking about things like how do you secure their food, how do you secure their livelihoods and regardless whatever everybody does we need to make sure they have the tools to produce food and continue with their lives and that is not going to happen unless we secure energy access.”

Patrick TonuiHead of Policy and Regional Strategy, GOGLA's

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