Solar Sister drives impact by investing in women’s clean energy businesses in off-grid communities in African countries including Tanzania. The organisation eradicates extreme energy poverty by empowering African women with economic opportunity, and providing essential services and training that enable women entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses.

Solar Sister is a climate solution that also improves human well-being, boosts equity, and helps usher in prosperity for people in sub-Saharan Africa who are least responsible for the climate crisis.

To date, over 7,400 Solar Sister Entrepreneurs have reached over three million people with clean energy access. Products sold by Solar Sister Entrepreneurs have eliminated over 894,848 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Agnes: “I’ve convinced many other women to join”

Agnes Sarakikiya is a 43-year-old small business owner and Solar Sister Entrepreneur living in northern Tanzania. “I believe it is important for women to have good work. It helps us to increase our income sources as women. Solar Sister provides us with education and connects us with other women. I've convinced many other women to join because of the benefits.”

Marimu: “I bring energy to my community”

Mariamu Athumani Shezuz, 50, has big dreams. She dreams of alleviating her community and the communities around her from energy poverty and improving the lives of her friends, neighbors, and fellow Tanzanians. As a successful Solar Sister Entrepreneur for the past seven years, her dreams are becoming a reality. "I bring energy access to my community, especially the poor who cannot even afford to buy kerosene; they can buy a D.Light S3 which is $6, and they use it for a long time."